Interesting to know...

Our hotel is located in several hundreds meters from Slovak and in 25 kilometers from the Hungarian border

"EUROPE HOTEL", restored in 2006, is situated near the Slovakian border. "EUROPE HOTEL" is built in an modern european style.

A comfortable holl and a restaurant (for 90 persons), offering European and Ukrainian cuisines, are situated on the ground floor. Banquet hall (VIP-hall) for 18 persons is also available.

The Hotel has its own heating and water supply systems. The Hotel rooms meet european standarts and are equipped with TV, telephone, ets. Hotel has a 24 hour parking lot with security.

We have WiFi zone in our hotel.

Our experienced staff will make reservations for you, help you settle in, take orders for any of our services and provide all the necessary information.

Our restaurant can serve up to 90 people. We will be glad to host any family parties like birthdays, weddings etc.

Staying in our Hotel, you have wonderful opportunities to rest. Our service is directed to make your stay pleasant and comforting experience.

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